Veteran Walked From Washington State to Florida for a Good Cause

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This is some serious dedication, and a really important cause . . .

A 43-year-old Army vet named Jimmy Novak has spent the past five months walking from his home in Washington state all the way to FLORIDA. And he's doing it to raise awareness for the shocking number of veterans who take their own life.

He's been walking 22 miles a day. Because on average, 22 vets end their lives each day in America.

He says he's dealt with anxiety, depression, and thoughts about ending his own life. So he wanted to do something to encourage other veterans to seek help early.

And he's finishing his 3,000-mile trip TODAY when he arrives at Disney World in Orlando.

He's also raised thousands of dollars online during his trip across the country. And it also happens to be Jimmy's 43rd birthday. 

(Fox35 / Fox News) (Here's a photo of Jimmy right around the halfway point when he got to Kansas.) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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