Couple Shocked As Waiter Left The Message “Old People” On Receipt


An elderly couple found themselves infuriated over a recent experience at a hotel they had visited.  Phyllis and Robert Hidden noticed something on the bill they had received after enjoying a lunchtime drink and a bite to eat last month. Seems the hotel waiter described them as “old people” on their drinks bill.

The bill had itemized all the couple had to eat and drink and at the top of the bill where it reads "Table," the couple noticed the words "Old People" next to it. They were not happy and totally disgusted with the characterization by the employee. 

The woman had called the hotel to complain and demanded an apology but didn't get one until a month after her call, which infuriated her further.

The couple eventually received a letter of apology and the hotel's general manager. The letter also stressed that the wording was not intentional. The employee was very apologetic, the letter said, and meant no disrespect. 

Source: Fox News Image © 2019 Getty Images


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