Raphael's Talent Search - Despite the Weather! . . .

Our performers from Wednesday's edition of Raphael's Talent Search at the Dutchess County Fair were not deterred by the wind and rain. The Show went on! And a great Show it was. Entertainers included great vocalists; some very young dancers (some as young as 2!); a talented senior dance group; and even an amazing Chinese Yo-Yo master. All of today's finalists, pictured here, will be joining us and the winners from yesterday, Thursday's and Friday's shows for the big finale on Saturday beginning at 10:00.

PLUS! there's something extra special happening this year! It's VERY EXCITING NEWS!!! First Place Winners in each of the categories at the big finale on Saturday will be eligible to audition for the TV show, America's Got Talent! Each winner will be given a Front-of-the-Line Pass for auditions in November.

There are a few openings available for the Friday show, in case you still want to get in on some of this fun. For 2019 Talent Search information go to the Fair website here or here's a link to the Facebook page for Raphael's Talent Search.

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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