These Are The Most Googled “Is It Safe To...” Questions In Your State

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Who amongst us hasn't turned to Google to find out if something we want to try is safe? From trying a new diet or showering in a thunderstorm, we've all had a moment where we ask ourselves " this really safe?" and then immediately opened up our trusty search engine. Thanks to A Secure Life, we now know the most-searched "is it safe?" question in every single state. Turns out, we all have a lot fo the same concerns.

Whether we're worried about taking melatonin before bed or eating snow, there's a lot of overlap in the U.S. about what we're worrying about. Some other popular searches are wondering if it's safe to swallow gum, vape and drink tap water. Here's a map with all the findings:

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Here's the full list:

Alabama: use Facebook

Alaska: do a liquid diet

Arizona: shower in a thunderstorm

Arkansas: do Keto

California: eat raw eggs

Colorado: fly

Connecticut: eat lettuce now

Delaware: do a liquid diet

Florida: use Uber

Georgia: smoke e-cigs

Hawaii: drink tap water

Idaho: eat romaine

Illinois: use Uber

Indiana: vape

Iowa: do Keto

Kansas: do Keto

Kentucky: take melatonin

Louisiana: do Keto

Maine: do a liquid diet

Maryland: use microwaves

Massachusetts: use Venmo

Michigan: date

Minnesota: shower in a thunderstorm

Mississippi: do a liquid diet

Missouri: use Facebook

Montana: eat romaine

Nebraska: do a liquid diet

Nevada: drink tap water

New Hampshire: eat romaine

New Jersey: use Uber

New Mexico: eat romaine

New York: use Airbnb

North Carolina: eat snow

North Dakota: do a liquid diet

Ohio: swallow gum

Oklahoma: take melatonin

Oregon: fly

Pennsylvania: use Facebook

Rhode Island: eat romaine

South Carolina: eat snow

South Dakota: eat romaine

Tennessee: vape

Texas: live in El Paso

Utah: take melatonin

Vermont: eat romaine

Virginia: Use Facebook

Washington: get vaccinated

West Virginia: take melatonin

Wisconsin: eat lettuce now

Wyoming: hunt

Photo: Getty/A Secured Life

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