Berlin, Connecticut Police Release Drawings of Suspected Hit and Run Driver

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Eyewitness accounts are always helpful to police when they need to catch a crook. In fact, many crimes would go unsolved if not for the brave citizens who step forward and help police catch those who might break the law. In fact, some witnesses like to go above and beyond and even give police drawings of what the suspects looked like.

Police in Berlin, Connecticut say officers had responded to the Berlin Turnpike Monday after reports of a motorcycle crash came in to the department. When police arrived, the operator of the motorcycle jumped the guard rail and ran into the woods. Police searched the area extensively, but eventually gave up after they came up empty.

Fortunately, some witnesses were playing in the neighborhood when the crash happened and were able to provide police with some help in their search for the suspect.

"Witnesses, who were playing in the neighborhood, presented police with suspect drawings," a statement from the department said.

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Police say Myla, Joyce and Julian have been very helpful with their assistance, and thanked them in the statement.

The public loved the drawings and the post was shared hundreds of times, helping to bring attention to the unsolved case.

"If we just put out just the boilerplate language that we had a crash and we’re looking for the operator of the vehicle, you probably wouldn’t of heard from anyone,” Deputy Chief Chris Ciuci, of Berlin Police, told NBC Connecticut. "But, it’s the power of social media. We included those photos in there, and it’s getting shared all over the place. We got the message out and ultimately that’s what we are looking to do. We’re looking for some extra witnesses and maybe the actual operator of the vehicle can contact us and we can get this resolved."

Police are asking the public that if anyone recognizes the man who matches the one seen in the "detailed drawings" to please contact the Berlin Police at (860) 828-7082.

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Photo: Berlin, Connecticut Police Department

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