How Many Hours of Sleep Do Get At Night? #joechelle

How many hours of sleep do you get at night? #joechelle

There are many types of sleepers....some get more sleep than others! Which one describes you?

The Wriggler– This sleeper is constantly fidgeting in bed, which means they can’t stay still long enough to relax and stay asleep.

The Early Bird– These are sleepers who tend to wake up early, which means they are likely not getting their full eight hours of sleep.

The Night Owl– They tend to go to bed later than most people, so they are also not likely to get their full eight hours, missing out on restorative deep sleep.

The Heavy Sleeper– It takes them a while to fall into a deep sleep, but then they sleep longer to get the sleep they need. They likely can sleep through anything.

The Light Sleeper –On the other side of the spectrum, these sleepers wake at the slightest noise. While they may fall asleep fast, they aren’t actually getting into a deeper phase of sleep because they wake so easily.

The Thinker– They are likely to have a disturbed sleep, often tossing and turning, possibly because they have too much on their mind.

Catcher Upper– These are those people who barely get any sleep during the week, and then try to make up for it on the weekend. This isn’t good because the extra long sleep will confuse their body’s internal clock.

The Maverick– While the body may love a good routine when it comes to sleep, the Maverick doesn’t have one and that lack of consistency makes it even harder for them to get a good night’s sleep.

The Sleep Master– These sleepers have it down. They are in tune with their body clock and have a near perfect sleep pattern, which allows them to gently drift off, and then feel perfectly rested the next day.

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