Thousands Of Tarantulas Begin Mass Migration Through Colorado To Find Mates

Birdeater curlyhair tarantula spider Brachypelma albopilosum in natural forest environment. Black hairy giant arachnid.

Parts of Colorado are about to be overrun by thousands of Oklahoma brown tarantulas that are looking for mates. The annual migration of the spiders begins in late August and lasts through October. The spiders, which are mostly eight to ten-year-old males, leave their burrows in La Junta, which is about 180 miles southeast of Denver, and search the Comanche National Grassland for suitable female mates.

While the hairy arachnids do have a powerful bite which can cause an allergic reaction in some people, officials say they are mostly harmless to humans.

For those brave enough to travel to Colorado to watch the mass migration, the La Junta tourism board says the best time to visit is around September 10. They say the ideal time to spot the tarantulas is just before sunset.

Photo: Getty Images


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