Boy Ignores Bullies, Grows Hair Out To Donate


A kid in Arizona who loves to help others has grown his hair out so he could cut it and donate it to charity. Brodie Southgate recently had his long locks cut and donated his hair to Children With Hair Loss, which provides free wigs to kids who have medically-related hair loss, from cancer, alopecia, and other issues.

This is the second time the nine-year-old has grown his hair long to donate it and he’s faced some bullying for his long hair. Brodie says he was teased and told he looks like a girl, but it didn’t stop him from helping others. “This kid has gone through a lot the last few years with many comments of both positive and negative, and has stuck it through," explains Ben, Brodie’s dad.

Source: Inside Edition Image © 2019 GettyImages


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