Signs You’re Burned Out As A Mom

Everyone feels stressed from time to time, but when it feels like you can’t handle any more drains to your mental resources and energy, you may be burned out. Sometimes it’s so bad you don’t even realize you’re burned out and that’s no good - for mom or the people around her. It’s important to know when you’ve had enough and these are the warning signs to watch out for as a mom:

·Forgetting everything - Sure, there’s pregnancy brain and mommy brain, but when you’re forgetting things constantly, it can be a sign you’re burned out and running on fumes.

·Snapping at your kids and partner - If you’re catching yourself being more snappy than usual, it might be because you’re fed up and burned out.

·Constantly tired - A good night’s sleep can do wonders to restore us, but burnout could be brewing if you frequently wake up still feeling drained.

·Watering down your "Mom" routine - If you’ve gone from the mother who makes three-course meals all the time to telling the kids: “fend for yourself, again,” you may be more burned out than you realize.

So what do you do if you think you’re burned out as a mom? Try these strategies:

·Stop saying yes - Commit to less by practicing the word “no.”

·Yoga at home - It’s known to lower stress levels and you don’t need a fancy yoga class to get the benefit.

·Therapy - If you’re dealing with difficulties like divorce, illness, or death in the family, talking to an expert can help.

·Turn off the tech - Cut back your time scrolling through social media and stop with the late night work emails.

·Enlist help - Get your partner and loved ones to lend a hand and never underestimate the benefit of hiring a babysitter.

Source: PopSugar Image © 2019 GettyImages


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