*LIST* What To Know Before Adopting A Dog This DOGust

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In case you didn’t know, yesterday was “DOGust 1st” the day we celebrate the birthdays of all shelter dogs, because their real birthday is unknown. It’s pretty much become a month long celebration now. It’s also a great month to adopt a furever friend.

Before you head out to a shelter to bring home man’s best friend, here are somethings to consider and tips for adding a pet to the family.

·Talk with a shelter staffer or counselor so they can help you pick out the right dog for your lifestyle.

·Make sure the age and type of dog works with your schedule. If you work a lot, a puppy isn’t a good idea.

·Consider where you live. If you rent, clear it with your landlord.

·If you have a pet, bring it to meet your potential pup.

·Research breeds to get an idea of which is best for you.

·It all comes down to you and your pooch being happy.

Source: Good Morning America Image © 2019 GettyImages


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