Throwback Thursday - The Day We Learned How To Milk a Cow

Back in August of 2007 our special guest on the morning show was Estelle the Cow, acting spokes-cow at that time for Hudson Valley Fresh. Fame had not spoiled her. She amicably submitted to being lugged to the radio station and then--put up with an amateur being taught "how to milk a cow" by hand. (That would be me, of course.) 

Charlie North, always eager to promote support for Hudson Valley businesses, declared it "Milk Local First Day." You can see him above making the official declaration (Estelle, btw, seemed unimpressed). The rest of us had a lot of fun, including Jerry Simonetty and Dr. Sam Simon, both from Hudson Valley Fresh. 

And, in case you were wondering, I did mange to coax about an ounce from Estelle. Anyway, she returned safely home, hoping never to see me again. 

photos Carol Simonetty (thanks! Carol)


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