Some Divorce Lawyers Revealed the Craziest Reasons People Have Split Up

Someone asked a bunch of divorce lawyers to list the craziest reasons they've seen couples split up. And some of them are pretty insane. Here are the highlights . . .

1. A guy divorced his wife because she was a loud chewer.

2. A woman had vertigo. Her husband thought she was possessed, and kept trying to do exorcisms on her.

3. A guy wouldn't go on his honeymoon because he was worried about his plants dying. So the woman took her sisters instead, then left him when she got back.

4. A woman got KIDNAPPED in Mexico, and her husband wouldn't pay the ransom. So her family paid it, then she divorced him.

5. A guy hated his wife for hoarding scrapbooking supplies. And she hated him for filling their yard with broken-down cars. So in their divorce settlement, SHE demanded to get the old cars . . . HE wanted the scrapbooking stuff . . . then they threw it all away.

6. A guy thought his wife was secretly in love with his sister.

7. A woman left her husband because he was, quote, "too sad" after his dad passed away.

8. A couple couldn't agree on what to name their cat. The wife wanted to call it Snowball, and the husband liked the name Lily.

9. A woman divorced her husband because he refused to yell at her. Whenever she'd start screaming at him, he'd just sit there and take it. 

(BroBible / Reddit) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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