Animal Shelter's 'Storm Area 51' Adoption Event Was an Awesome Success!

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The whole 'Storm Area 51' thing has been in the news lately. Around TWO MILLION people have now signed up to storm it in September and find evidence of an alien cover-up.

It's not clear how many of those people actually plan to show up. But it also inspired a different kind of rescue mission . . .

An animal shelter in Oklahoma City took advantage of the story by holding their own event.

They posted on Facebook last Friday, and asked people to come adopt a pet to PROTECT them from any Area 51 aliens that escape.

They posted three photos of different dogs in tinfoil hats. Then their hashtag "StormTheShelter" started going viral. And a bunch of pets have been adopted, including at least two dogs in the photos.

Random people online have also been donating to the shelter, just to help out. And they've raised over $2,400 so far. 

(Fox News) (You can donate or just check out the dog photos by hitting up the Facebook page for OKC Animal Welfare.) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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