Firefighters Are the Happiest Workers, Post Office Workers Are the Least

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Apparently having giant flames inches from your face, smoke everywhere, people screaming, and sirens blaring makes you say, "Yeah, this is the life."

According to a new study, FIREFIGHTERS have the highest job satisfaction of any workers in the country. Their average satisfaction is a nine out of 10.

The rest of the top five most satisfied workers are: Mine cutters . . . pediatricians . . . communications professors . . . and guidance counselors.

On the other end of the scale, the people who hate their jobs the most are . . . people who work at the post office. Mail clerks and sorters have an average satisfaction of 2.5 out of 10.

The rest of the five most unhappy workers are: Court clerks . . . house cleaners and maids . . . insurance claims and policy clerks . . . and telemarketers. 

(Bloomberg) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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