Mothers Spend 1,400 Hours Worrying About Their Baby in the First Year

Ouarda Touirat holds her new born daught

In the first year of your baby's life, you spend a ton of time worrying and very little time sleeping. And in the 12 minutes or so left over, you get to experience joy.

According to a new survey, moms spend more than 1,400 HOURS worrying about their baby during the first year. That adds up to over eight entire weeks.

Moms also do an average of 330 Google searches on possible health issues in the first year . . . which is almost one a day. And they reach out to people for advice 337 times . . . also almost once a day.

The top five things they worry about are:

The baby's overall health . . . if the baby is hitting milestones at the right age . . . the amount of milk or formula the baby's taking . . . if they're growing like they should . . . and if they're getting the right amount of nutrition. 

(New York Post) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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