Summer Beauty Trends Have Been Announced!

Ready, set, summer trends!!! Oy, I'm really missing the boat on this one!

First....Orange Lipstick, I don't wear lipstick....I'm a lip balm kinda gal, so I may have to pass, plus I feel more myself in a mauvey-shade of lipstick! Breezy Bobs, the haircut of the season is a shoulder bob, so your neck stays nice and cool....maybe that's why I'm always sweating! Neon Eyeliner, keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum, but be bold with your eyeliner. Fluorescent Nail Polish, the brighter the better! Day-Glo on your tips and neon polish as an accent. (I have three, red and light beige) Loose Crimped Waves, I'm in know the look! Flushed Cheeks...what? Even when your not sick? White Cat Eyes, highlight your eyes with a white line along the upper eyelid...pass!

Does anyone want to take me on as a summer project, LOL!! Here's the story....enjoy the summer, being 'a beautiful you'! xo

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