A County Spends Over $27,000 Trying To Prosecute ...a CAT

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The residents of King County, Washington have been funding the prosecution of a known terror in the community. 

It’s been alleged for years that Miskathe cat is the terror of her neighborhood and the county has been trying to put her away for years. 

That's right, Miska is a cat and King County has had to pay in both time and money over its many attempts to put her behind bars.

That’s had county prosecutors racking up over $27,000 in attorney fees, spread across roughly 176 billable hours.

It started back in 2014 when King County Animal Control signed an order to have her either euthanized or deported from the county. 

However, that order was put in front of a judge and later vacated so animal control later trapped and took Miska to kitty jail. She was released after she made bail; in this case, kenneling fees paid by her owner.

In the years since, she’s faced accusations of terrorizing her community by trespassing, taunting, and attacking other pets.

Her owner says Miska has been unfairly targeted by the county and that all she wants is to be petted and fed. 

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