Having a Bad Hair Day? What Would YOU 'Do' to Change That?

If you're like me and there are days where you wish your genetics were a bit different...LOL and you cannot help but deal with a 'bad hair day'!! Ironically, a new poll finds that having the perfect 'do', you'd be willing to sacrifice and take on these challenges:

  • 20% would stand in line at the DMV to avoid having messy hair - yes!
  • One in eight would endure the pain of root canal rather than have a bad hair day - absolutely NOT!
  • One in seven would rather gain 10 pounds - pass!
  • Get caught picking their nose - eh....let me think!
  • One in eight people wouldn’t shower for a week if it means having good hair - nope!

Wow, what some would do! And somethings I would do or not!....

Photo courtesy, Michelle Taylor's iphone / a gift from Coleen in Poughkeepsie when she visited Ireland, where I would have bad hair EVERYDAY!


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