Lady Caught Setting a Neighbor's House on Fire by Her Own Security Cameras

There's a woman in Oklahoma who didn't just get caught on camera committing a serious crime . . . she got caught on her OWN camera.

59-year-old Annie Durham of Del City, Oklahoma has been in a feud with her next-door neighbor for several years now. She says they've had some criminal activity happening there. 

So last week, apparently Annie took it upon herself to solve the problem . . . she BURNED the house down.

She took a rag, wrapped it around a stick, set it on fire with lighter fluid, and threw it into the house. Firefighters were able to put it out, but the home was pretty gutted.

Well . . . Annie had security cameras running. And when the cops asked to look at them, she said okay . . . and they could see HER on her own cameras setting the fire. She was just arrested for second-degree arson. 

(NBC 4 - Oklahoma City) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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