A Bride Asks Her Guest To Cover Tattoos So She Doesn't “Clash” with Wedding

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We’ve heard countless stories of brides having crazy demands for their bridesmaids in order to make their wedding look absolutely perfect, but one bride went a step too far, and tried to actually manage the look of their guests as well. 

A woman recently shared on social media that a bride actually contacted her to ask that she cover up her tattoos for her wedding because her look "clashes" with the theme of their wedding. The woman, who has tats down both of her arms, shared the outrageous exchange from the bride who suggests she wear long sleeves to the hot summer wedding to cover up the tats, and also asks that she “fix your hair up so it’s a natural color.”

Not only is the request outrageous, as the text exchange went on the bride got nastier and nastier, suggesting that if the guest doesn’t comply it shows she doesn’t really care about the bride at all, adding, “if you turn up on the day without anything covered you won’t be let in to the venue.”

As you can imagine, many folks were shocked by the bride’s request. “Whatever happened to weddings being a celebration with those you love,” one person noted. “What’s the influx of brides who think it’s a fashion show.” And one person even suggested a great way to get back at the bride, noting, “wear a jacket to be accepted and then take it off for every picture,” adding, “wear a wig to get in too and take it off at the venue.” 

Source: Bored Panda Image © 2019 GettyImages


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