Grandmother Finds A Tarantula In Grapes Just Before She Gives Them To Kids

Zookeeper Jeff Lambert measures Jacqueli

A grandma in England got the shock of her life when she opened a box of grapes that she'd recently bought and watched a live tarantula crawl out from within.

What's even more messed up is that she was about to feed the grapes to her young grandchildren when she spotted the orange and black spider.

Gillian Shivers said that she'd just opened the carton of grapes when it just crawled out of the middle 'like the stuff of "nightmares." She screamed and called for her husband who came to the kitchen and killed the spider.

They then took the spider and the grapes back to the supermarket that they'd bought them from and demanded an explanation. The store said they would look into the matter. Since the incident, the spider has been identified as a baby mygalomorph tarantula. It's usually found in Chile. 

No word if they've bought any more grapes. 

Source: Fox News Image © 2019 GettyImage


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