A Guy Goes the Wrong Way on the Highway Because "It Was Faster"

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The scariest part about this story is that the guy here WASN'T INTOXICATED. Like, this was a decision that his sober mind thought was rational.

The cops in Greenfield, Indiana pulled over 19-year-old De'Ante Parrish for driving the WRONG WAY on the shoulder of Interstate 70 last Wednesday afternoon.

There was traffic, so he told them, quote, "It was faster" to drive the wrong way on the other side of the highway.

Fortunately the cops caught him before he caused an accident . . . although some people had to swerve to avoid him.

He's been charged with reckless driving. Again, he was totally sober, so he's not facing DUI charges. 

(Fox 59 - Indianapolis) (Here's a video.)

(Also, in a semi-related story, a 16-year-old kid was busted doing 105 miles-per-hour in Manitoba, Canada last week. He said it was because he had too many hot wings and needed to use the bathroom.)

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