Bride Cancels Wedding After Her Mother-In-Law Oversteps


The bride and groom initially didn’t want a big wedding and felt they were only having one so out of “obligation.”

They had been planning their small wedding for about a year, expecting to invite only about 50 people, when about two months before the wedding the MIL, who the bride describes as “overbearing” and “manipulating,” sent her a list of 80 invitees who she said were not optional.

The bride said her MIL’s demands “flew me into a blind rage,” but instead of confronting her, the bride took a drastic step – she canceled the wedding.

She notes, “we got married in a national park with our two best friends.” 

As for how the MIL reacted to the canceled wedding, the bride said she “kind of blanched and was visibly horrified,” especially since she had to inform everyone of the cancelation. The bride notes, “honestly, it felt really good to finally see her squirm for once.”

Source: Café Mom Image © 2019 GettyImages


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