Autistic Student Gets 'Most Annoying' Award. Teachers/Principal Disciplined

An Indiana school principal has been placed on administrative leave and three teachers' jobs are in jeopardy after a student with autism was given an award for the “most annoying male” by his special education teacher.

The principal of Bailly Preparatory Academy was placed on leave and three teachers were served with "preliminary determination notice of contract cancellation" as a result of the award, which stunned the boy's parents.

Estella and Rick Castejon said their son Achilles received the award along with one other student during a fifth-grade event on May 23rd. They also said their son was embarrassed by the award. The family says they plan on moving to another school district before classes begin next school year. 

The school issued a statement that said an investigation resulted in “in three teachers being served preliminary determination notice of contract cancellation. The school’s principal has been placed on administrative leave pending an additional investigation.”

Source: WGNTV


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