Wedding Party Arrested For Breaking Into A Building Right After The Wedding

Bride Jailed For Rage At Reception

Nothing like tying the knot on your wedding day and then hours later being arrested for breaking into an abandoned school. 

Abigail Carlson and Zachary Fuit were married at Bear Lake Campground in Milton, Florida on Sunday. The newlyweds and their friends decided to do a little exploring of the area after the wedding. They came across what they thought was an abandoned former elementary school. They parked and entered the boarded-up building.

A caretaker on the property noticed their car and contacted police after they pulled off wooden boards that once covered a broken window and climbed into the building. The group took off after they saw the caretaker, Thomas Reber, but he was able to write down the license plate numbers on one of the vehicles.

Carlson told deputies she and her friends found the school, which she and the others believed to be abandoned, parked and looked around the building. Items were discovered in one of the vehicles, placing them at the scene according to authorities.

All six were booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail, and have since been released. Fuit and the four men involved are U.S. Marines. 

Source: Yahoo Image © 2019 Getty Images


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