A Husband Is Furious After Pregnant Wife Tests His Fidelity


Some people say that being pregnant can cause some women to do crazy things, but one mom-to-be may have taken things a bit too far. One man recently shared on social media that his pregnant wife "gets angry and irritated for small things," he notes. "She insults me when she doesn't like the food I make, starts acting insecure and accuses me of losing attraction for her.”

Apparently worried about that last one, the wife took things to an extreme, and the hubby is furious. He says he was approached by a girl at the gym, but turned her down when she asked if he wanted to meet up for drinks, telling the girl he was married. He was then shocked when he got home and his wife congratulated him for “passing” her fidelity test.

"She told me that her best friend suggested a test for my loyalty," he explains. "So they asked a mutual friend to flirt with me and asked me out." As you can imagine the hubby is livid. "I'm really...done with her antics,” and asked users whether it would be wrong to ask her to move out.

The results? Many said it probably would, and chalked it up to her hormones...but others, not so much.

·“Pregnancy does crazy things to woman’s hormones, it could be that her actions are not the result of being a terrible person, but a hormonal imbalance," one person wrote, while another added, "If initially they were happy and excited, it might be the pregnancy hormones…Not saying she isn’t an a** for testing his loyalty which seems to have become a trend now."

·But some aren’t exactly ready to accept the hormone excuse. "Yikes, you can't blame every personal fault on hormones,” commented one person, while another added, “Being pregnant doesn't make bad behaviors okay. It just explains why someone is behaving that way and they need to get help.” 

Source: Café Mom Image © 2019 GettyImages


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