First "Animal Left in a Hot Car" Story of the Year Features ...a Pet Pig?

Physiotherapist Uses Pig To Offer Emotional Therapy

It's the first big "animal left in a hot car" story of the year . . . and it's a strange one.

Security guards at a mall in Jacksonville, Florida were patrolling the parking lot last week when they saw an animal moving around in a locked car. And that animal was . . . someone's PET PIG.

Apparently the security guards aren't allowed to break the windows, so eventually they called the cops. And when the cops couldn't find the owners, they broke the window to get the pig out.

It had been in the hot car for over an hour and was in BAD SHAPE. Fortunately they had a bucket handy, filled the entire thing up, and got the pig re-hydrated.

The pig's owners eventually showed up and were arrested for animal cruelty.

Animal care and protective services has custody of the pig. It's not clear why the owners had a full-size pig as a pet or why they brought it to the mall. 

(CBS 47 - Jacksonville(Here's the pig in the car, and the couples' mugshots.) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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