Man Found In Trunk Of A Police Car Auction Turns Out To Be A Wanted Felon


I'm pretty sure the cops never expect fugitives to get DELIVERED to them like THIS.

There was a police car auction yesterday morning in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

And when people were inspecting a 2016 Dodge Challenger that was up for auction, they opened the trunk . . . and found a MAN inside.

He was barely responsive, so he was rushed to the hospital. Now he's recovering, and the cops have identified him . . . as a WANTED FELON.

He's a 25-year-old guy named Leon Parks from the Bronx in New York and he had outstanding warrants for parole violations and weapons charges. He's been transported to prison, and he'll be extradited to New York soon.

But the big question is . . . how did he wind up in that trunk? The cops aren't sure . . . and Leon isn't talking. 

(Penn Live(Here's his mugshot.) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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