During A Police Chase Guy Leaves Behind His Prosthetic Leg Wearing a Croc


If you have a fake leg, does it really need a shoe that's UGLY but COMFORTABLE?

The cops in Indianapolis were in a chase with a guy on Sunday night, and when he approached a bridge that was out . . . he decided to try to jump it, "Dukes of Hazzard" style.

It didn't work, and he wound up getting stuck on some exposed beams on the bridge.

So he bailed . . . but he left behind his PROSTHETIC LEG. And it was wearing a green Croc.

The cops are still trying to track him down . . . but considering that he's on the run with just one leg, they feel like they'll probably catch him soon. 

(CW 8 - IndianapolisImage © 2019 GettyImages

(Here's a picture of the leg.)


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