Throwback Thursday - Three Disc Jockey Jockeys

Once every year we traveled to Monticello Raceway for a special night with our listeners featuring these three fine young lads pictured above competing to win the coveted trophy (note we all have a trophy in this picture, probably so none of our feelings would be hurt). We road with the jockeys driving their sulkies behind some VERY FAST (or so it seemed) horses, anxious to get back to the barn, which, by the way, I was anxious to do myself. Anyway, we all had a lot of fun, including the listeners, and though they put some distance between themselves and us as we waved goodbye in the parking lot, everyone was eager to return the following year. I forget how many years we did this.

Pictured above are Jon LeMieux on the left side of the picture and Rich Ball on the other. In the background, Rex the Wonder Horse.


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