House Intruder Stole Nothing, Cleaned, and Did Toilet Paper Origami

2005 Spring Clean - Photocall

Any chance I could invite these burglars to swing by my place?

There's a 44-year-old guy named Nate Roman in Marlborough, Massachusetts. And he came home with his son last week and noticed the back door was open. Someone had broken into the house.

But when he got inside, he realized they didn't steal ANYTHING. Instead, they CLEANED the place.

Every room was cleaned and organized and the house smelled like cleaning products. The burglars had even done some origami, and turned the end of his toilet paper into a rose shape.

Nate's best theory is that it was a cleaning crew who had the wrong address . . . and he left his back door open, so they just walked in and cleaned.

Anyway, he says he's never going to forget to lock his doors again because, quote, "Nothing was damaged, nothing was taken . . . [but] just arranged in a really creepy way." 

(NBC News) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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