Awful Bride Doesn't Want Fiancé's Child At Her Wedding


A bridezilla has taken to the Internet to ask how to tell her fiancé she doesn’t want his kid at their wedding. You read that right - she doesn't want her soon-to-be-stepdaughter at the celebration of their new family. The good news? She didn't receive the support she was clearly hoping to get. 

The bridezilla described the three-year-old as an “annoying toddler,” who is very “needy,” and said she put “no kids” on the invite hoping he’d get the hint, but so far he hasn’t

As you can imagine, the Internet had no sympathy for this awful woman, and instead of offering her advice, many suggested the fiancé get out quickly.

"The groom needs to cancel the weeding ASAP," one person wrote, while another added. "No red flag exists that is bigger and brighter than this one.”

Others had a little sympathy for the bride, although many noted she was being a big harsh about the kid. “Toddlers in general are wonderful but in most cases they are really [expletive] annoying at adult events,” one wrote. “A wedding should be as perfect as possible and even one young kid there makes the chances of that drop significantly." Another added, "What’s wrong with not wanting an annoying kid at your wedding?” 

Source: Café Mom Image © 2019 GettyImages


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