So What's Dirtier? Cash, Coins, Credit Cards or a Public Bathroom?

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This is one of those stories that makes me want to wash my hands at least 257 times a day.

Researchers swabbed a bunch of different surfaces in New York City to see the amount of bacteria on them. And they also swabbed coins, cash, and credit cards . . . which we handle every day without thinking about the germs.

Here are the rankings of all these FILTHY things, based on the average bacteria on their surface . . .

1. A fast food restaurant’s door handle had the most bacteria.

2. A park bench.

3. A parking meter.

4. A credit card.

5. A public bathroom.

6. Cash.

7. Coins.

8. A subway pole. 

(Lend Edu) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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