French Mayor Offering Free ED Medication ...To Start A Baby Boom

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A French mayor is handing out free ED medication to couples in his town to try and raise the local birth rate. It appears his town is having a hard time filling seats in the local schools.

Jean Debouzy, the mayor of Montereau in northern France, hopes the move will lead to more pregnancies as the town's number of children plummets. This is in response to two local schools that are being threatened with closure because there aren't enough kids in the town to fill the seats. 

He's hoping to get the town council to sign off on his plan so he can go ahead and order the supply of pills needed to move forward with his plan. However, French law requires men to have a prescription to get ED medication. 

It's not as crazy as you might think since higher birth rates have long been encouraged in France so that younger generations can look after its aging population. 

Source: New York Post Image © 2019 GettyImages


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