Congratulations to Our Q92 Teacher of the Month, Mrs. Patricia Ackley!

On Monday Michelle and I traveled to Netherwood Elementary School in Hyde Park to present the Teacher of the Month Award to Mrs. Patricia Ackley, much-loved Kindergarten teacher.

The entire School turned out, plus Mrs. Ackley's family (seen in the picture below). Mrs. Ackley, who was surprised and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from all who had assembled for this special occasion, was described as "patient, loving, and kind," the ideal kindergarten teacher.

Along with the Teacher of the Month plaque and some other gifts, Mrs. Ackley received a $100 gift certificate from Cosimo's in Poughkeepsie and a $100 check from TEG Federal Credit Union to be used for something for the class.

What a way to wrap up the school year! Michelle and I had a wonderful time. Thank you, TEG Federal Credit Union, for sponsoring this wonderful program again this year!

photos Q92


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