Less Than Half of Folks Now Eat Dinner at the Dining Room Table


Better make sure my parents are out of earshot for this… but could the DINING ROOM TABLE go extinct in our lifetimes?

According to a new survey, three-quarters of us grew up eating dinner basically every night at the dining room table . . . now that's down to 48%. Yes, the majority of people DON'T eat dinner at the dining room table. Again my folks would flip if they heard this.

So where ARE we eating?

30% of people say the couch . . . only 12% of people ate on the couch growing up. And 17% say they eat in a bedroom . . . only 6% of people did that growing up.

The survey also found 20% of people cook every single day, and 50% cook at least four times a week. 

(PR Newswire) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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