A Cop Pulls Over A Self-Driving Vehicle


Not sure how safe I feel now about riding in one of these cars after a self-driving shuttle got pulled over by police on its first day carrying passengers.

This happened in Rhode Island where A Providence officer pulled over the strange looking autonomous vehicle because he had never seen one before.

This was just just hours after the public launch of a state-funded pilot for a shuttle service called “Little Roady.” The shuttle offers free rides on a 12-stop urban loop that links to a train station. Each vehicle holds six people, including an attendant who takes control when the self-driving technology falls short, such as on difficult left turns with oncoming traffic.

The officer had a nice conversation with the attendant and ultimately let them go after finding no violations.

The police say they welcome the technology and feel it's important to embrace it. 

(New York Post) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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