Man Cancels Wedding After Fiancée Almost Offs His Dog

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We all know that dogs are like family to most people, and how someone treats your dog may play a big role in how you feel about that person. Well, that seems to be the case with one guy who decided to cancel his wedding after his fiancée almost accidently killed his dog.

The guy shared his story on social media, explaining that during his fiancée’s bachelorette party his dog almost died after accidentally ingesting “large amounts of alcohol and chocolate edibles,” because his fiancée and her friends decided to leave their “party supplies” out and on a low table where the dog could easily get to it.

The fiancée felt absolutely terrible about what happened, but apparently the guy can’t forgive her for it. As soon as they got home he called off the wedding and told his fiancée to move out.

It didn’t take long for his friends and family to get in touch with him, with most of them supporting the fiancée, noting he had “overreacted” and that it “was a mistake” and she “didn’t do it on purpose.” The man wondered why no one was on his side, and took to the site to see if he was in the wrong. And it turns out he was met with some support from folks online. What do you think?

Source: Café Mom Image © 2019 GettyImages


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