Q92 TEG Federal Credit Union 9:30 Coffee Break

Q92 TEG Federal Credit Union 9:30 Coffee Break

Ranch dressing is named after the brand Hidden Valley Ranch . . . they created the dressing in the 1950s and everyone who copied it called it "ranch style”.

Nicolas Cage turned down the roles of Shrek in "Shrek" . . . Neo in "The Matrix" . . . Harry in "Dumb & Dumber" . . . and Aragorn in "Lord of the Rings". Those roles ended up going to Mike Myers, Keanu Reeves, Jeff Daniels, and Viggo Mortensen.

Some of the names for "Sesame Street" that got rejected were The Video Classroom . . . 1-2-3 Avenue B . . . and Fun Street.

Everything in a department store is tried on an average of nine times before someone buys it.

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