Great Excuse to Throw Away Your Significant Other's Stuff? Moving.

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Moving is stressful, expensive, and a process that makes 100% of people say the following phrase at some point during the process: "I'm never moving again."

But there's one big upside to moving . . . it's a great chance to get rid of some of your significant other's stuff that you HATE.

According to a new survey, 44% of people admit they've used a move as a chance to get rid of some of their significant other's stuff.

And the top 10 things of theirs we get rid of are: Clothes . . . books . . . DVDs . . . photos . . . posters . . . CDs . . . pots and pans . . . bedding . . . rugs . . . and lamps.

The survey also found that when we help someone else move, 51% of us try to just move the lightest boxes . . . and 39% of us are annoyed the entire time that we got roped into helping with the move. 

(Yahoo Finance) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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