Summer Perks That Most Employees Want

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Summer is fast approaching, which means soon it’s going to be really tough to stay motivated at work when it’s sunny and beautiful outside. Some workers have it lucky, with companies offering all sorts of summer perks, and a new poll reveals which ones are the most desired for the season.

The perk that most employees want over the summer is the ability to have a flexible schedule, like say being able to work condensed schedules or from home (52%). Among the other perks employees want:

·Leaving early on Fridays (27%)

·More relaxed dress code (11%)

·Activities like picnics or potlucks (10%) 

And lucky for workers, it does sound like some companies are willing to provide some of these summer perks. While 14% of companies say they don’t offer any summer perks, 54% of managers say they would be willing to offer a more flexible schedule during summer, while 53% would be okay with a more relaxed dress code. What’s more, 48% would be down with company activities, but only 32% would be willing to allow workers to leave early on Fridays. 

Source: AccounTemps Image © 2019 GettyImages


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