Guys Reveal The Things They Hate Doing With Their Ladies

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While the secret to a great relationship is doing things together, not all men enjoy doing the things their ladies may like to do, although many suffer through them anyway. Well, now guys are spilling the beans on the things they hate the most, and gals, you may start feeling guilty.

A new thread on a social media app has fellas sharing the things they truly hate doing with their girlfriends, and we bet a lot of folks could probably relate. 

Things guys hate doing with their gals include:

·“I go to romantic comedy movies with my wife because she loves them. I don’t like them but she does and going to them with her makes her happy.”

·“My girlfriend could literally shop all day. I literally have to be emotionally and mentally prepared when she drags me out to find clothes.”

·“She loves her cooking and designer shows. I really hate it! However she does watch action movies with me…guest it’s all fair.”

·“Going to wine tasting events with my girlfriend has made me hate wine. Everyone is so snobby and wine isn’t even that good to me.”

·“My girlfriend used to force me to go to church with her. And I couldn’t do the crossword puzzle while there. I had to listen.”

·“My wife always drags me to help her parents with chores. I love them too but why am I doing this.”

Source: Whisper Image © 2019 GettyImages


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