Bridesmaid Upset After Her Son Was Disinvited To Destination Wedding

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Every bride has the right to decide whether she wants kids at her wedding or not, but being indecisive on the subject could lead to some hard feelings, as is the case of one bridesmaid who is upset her son has been disinvited to a destination wedding. 

A woman shared on a social media mommy forum that a good friend asked her to be a bridesmaid at her destination wedding and at first told her, despite them wanting a kids-free wedding, the bridesmaid could bring her two-year-old son. But, after the bridesmaid made all her arrangements, and paid for the family’s trip, the bride changed her mind and decided the kid couldn’t attend, and suggested the bridesmaid’s husband stay home with the child.

The bridesmaid asked others whether she was being unreasonable, and reactions were somewhat mixed. While many felt the bride was “out of order,” especially since the bridesmaid had paid for everything already, others felt the bride had every right to change her mind on her big day. As one person noted, “You say 'best friend'. And if that's really true, then I would say do whatever she asks.”

Source: Elite Daily Image © 2019 GettyImages


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