Woman Calls 911 for Advice on How to Take Out Her Boyfriend - Permanently


This woman REALLY misinterpreted how 911 works.

There's a 54-year-old woman named Zelda Cotton from Tonawanda, New York which is due north of Buffalo. And she called 911 on Saturday with a problem: She was trying to get rid of her 76-year-old boyfriend - permanently, couldn't get the job done, and needed some advice.

She had been drinking and she'd already hit him five times with a VCR and was trying to hit him with a leaf blower . . . but it wasn't working. He wasn't even hurt.

The 911 dispatcher did NOT give Zelda any advice . . . but DID send the cops to her place.

They arrested Zelda for endangering the welfare of an elderly person and criminal possession of a weapon. 

(ABC 7 - Buffalo) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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