Husband Upset Wife Wouldn't Allow Him In The Delivery Room

Experiencing the birth of your first child is something parents won’t ever forget, but one man didn’t actually get to experience it thanks to his wife, and he’s having a hard time getting over it.

A new dad recently took to social media to share that when their daughter was born three months ago his wife refused to let him in the delivery room. He said their initial plan was to have him join her for the special moment of their child’s birth but then she suddenly changed her mind.

"I was always looking forward to witnessing her birth," he writes. "My wife and I agreed that it would be an exclusive moment between us. We talked about it for months." He then adds, "Just before she was about to deliver, she told me that she didn't want me there" because she didn't want him to see her "like that.’"

The woman actually had a nurse kick him out of the room and gave birth with only her mother in the delivery room, and the new dad is having a hard time getting past it. In fact, he’s still so upset that three months later, now that his wife is ready to go out again, he isn’t interested in having a “date night” with her.

Source: Café Mom Image © 2019 GettyImages


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