Women Reveal Things They Secretly Can't Stand About Their Husbands

Kyle Turley

No matter how much you love someone there’s always going to be something that drives you crazy about them, and that’s particularly true once you get married and are living with them full time. Well, now some wives are opening up about just that.

A new thread on an anonymous app has wives revealing the things they secretly dislike about their husbands, and while some are just little annoyances, others may leave you wondering why they ever got married in the first place.

Things wives secretly can’t stand about their husbands include:

·“I can’t stand when my husband talks like a baby. It’s so annoying and unattractive. I wish he’d stop.”

·“I can’t stand when my husband eats cereal. He gets nearly half the cereal on his spoon and then slurps it up.”

·“I can’t stand when my husband expects everyone to pat his back for something I do every day. I.E. washing dishes or making dinner.”

·“I can’t stand when my husband checks out another woman…”

·“I can’t stand when my husband sleeps in the middle of the bed.”

·“I can’t stand when my husband washes clothes. The kid’s clothes and mine wind up discolored or shrunken.”

·“Is it bad that I can’t stand when my husband just comes over to be romantic...and I’m like uhh, no, leave me alone.”

Source: Whisper Image © 2019 GettyImages


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