Weird Rules You Had To Follow When You Were A Kid

Growing up we all had to follow certain rules set by our parents, like what time to go to bed, what chores need to be done, no TV before homework, etc. While those seem totally reasonable, it seems a bunch of parents had rules that were a bit out there, and now folks are sharing.

A social media user recently posed the question, “What's the weirdest rule you had in your home growing up?,” and plenty of people chimed in. As you can imagine, lots of the responses were completely bizarre, and will likely leave you scratching your head.

Weird rules people had growing up include:

·"Salt was for guests only. The actual use of spices was VERY looked down on in my house and was seen as a huge insult to my mom and dad, even though they were absolutely terrible cooks."

·"My grandmother said not to use the bathroom during a lightning storm because 'a bolt of lightning might strike the pipe and electrocute me.'"

·"I wasn't allowed to put sugar in my tea because my mom told me that 'when you go to prison they don't let you have sugar, so it will makes prison that much harder.' 1: Thanks for having so much faith in me mom. 2: I'm pretty sure you are allowed sugar for your tea in prison."

·"My parents acted like referring to them as 'he' or 'she”' while they were in the room was the equivalent of disrespect so referring to my parents with pronouns was, effectively, not allowed."

·"We were not allowed to use the front door. Ever. There was a metal screen on it with a deadbolt that needed a key for either side. My step-dad kept the key and even visitors had to go to the back through the side gate."

·"I was never allowed to leave a drink in the car because, according to my mother, 'someone could poison it.' She's always been overly-paranoid about safety, but that rule is still my favorite."

Source: Buzzfeed Image © 2019 GettyImages


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