Congratulations to Our Q92 Teacher of the Month Mrs. Jennifer Rossi

Michelle and I traveled to Walden on Wednesday to present this month's Q92 Teacher of the Month Award to Mrs. Jennifer Rossi, Pre-K teacher at Most Precious Blood School. The school held a general assembly to celebrate the occasion, and you could tell by all the cheering that the entire school loves Mrs. Rossi. Mr. Hallaway, Principal, the rest of the staff and all the children made us feel very welcome. It was a pleasure being there.

Along with the Teacher of the Month plaque, Mrs Rossi received several other gifts, including a $100 gift certificate from Cosimo's in Poughkeepsie and a $100 check from TEG Federal Credit Union to use for something special for the whole class. ( Mrs. Rossi plans to buy books for her class at the School book fair which is coming up soon.)

A special thank you to TEG Federal Credit Union for being our partner in this promotion again this year!

We could be coming to visit your school next! To nominate your teacher for Teacher of the Month, visit here

photo Q92


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