A Company Wants To "Discreetly" Weigh Passengers Before Flights

Your bags may not be the only thing that gets weighed before you fly. A British company is currently working on a system to weigh not only one's baggage, but their body weight as well.

Airlines crews have to approximately determine the total amount of weight onboard each flight before takeoff so they can ensure that there will be enough fuel to make the trip. The heavier the plane, the more fuel is required, the more expensive the ticket prices get.

However, since passengers typically aren’t required to step on a scale themselves, airlines aren’t really able to get an exact number, which means planes often carry more fuel than necessary, increasing both the airline’s costs and its carbon footprint. Currently, crews simply estimate how big a person is.

Fuel Matrix has a different solution in mind. They actually want to weigh the passengers by using a software-based system that will provide airlines with a better estimate of how each passenger weighs. The idea would be to install pressure pods in the baggage area that would weigh not only the person by the baggage at the same time as they check in.

Source: People Image © 2019 Getty Images


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