Annual Easter Olympic Competition at the Daily's

After some fierce competition playing Lay an Egg, Bugs Bucket, Fried Chicken, Shake Your Bucket, and Egg Toss--games of skill, strategy and endurance--Team Jelly Belly squeaked to a narrow victory over Team Flower Pots. (Sadly, we forgot to take a picture of their tired and disappointed faces.) But here! we have the winners: our son-in-law, Lee, and his two children, Kaylee and Jack. Charlotte is helping to hold up the sign, Jack being entirely preoccupied with his plan to run up and down the driveway carrying the trophy as high as he could lift it.

After this, we retired immediately inside for dessert. A big big thank you goes to our daughter, Mary, who set it all up, with her husband, Isaac acting in an advisory and lugging-stuff-from-PA position. We learned that Aubrey throws a mean carrot (you'd have to have been there to appreciate the drama). It's always a great time, full of laughs, when our extended family gets together, including Barb, Janice and Henry, and, of course, little Max, who was sleeping, excuse me, coaching, from the sidelines.


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